LEVEL ZERO is a tactical online multiplayer first-person horror game where the first team of players, represented by surviving scientists, must repair the space station's light controls and restore power to eliminate the hostile creatures. The second team of players, represented by the dangerous, monstrous creatures, must prevent the repairs of the station systems, or neutralize all survivors using a variety of telepathic abilities.

The year 2048. During a space expedition, the purpose of which was to explore a recently discovered area of the space, the expedition space station "New Horizons" was attacked by unknown and mysterious creatures. The station defense and control systems malfunctioned due to a sudden loss of power. Most of the crew was killed cold blooded. All sectors of the station were left with no power, in complete darkness, except for level 0 - the only sector with backup power which should last for only a few more hours. The last survivors were able to observe that the hostile creatures are afraid of bright light.

We were inspired by singleplayer and multiplayer horror games like Alien: Isolation, Dead Space, Outlast. The game map is filled with dynamic events, screamers that can scare the player even without the help of a monster. We convey the atmosphere that singleplayer horror games give us, yet give the ability to play with real players in multiplayer. This allows the game to be as unpredictable as possible for the players, creating an interesting, unexpected experience in LEVELZ.
The surviving scientists on the space station must use a variety of devices, light sources, and other items to defend themselves against the hostile creatures and avoid total darkness. On a grim space station that has suffered an energetic disaster, the survivors will have to look for access codes, key cards, and other ways to open doors to pave a safe path to the station's breakdown systems.

Monster players can see well in the dark and move around the ventilation shafts. They must explore the station, find artefacts to replenish their energy, and beware of bright light using many of their telepathic abilities to help neutralise electronics and the surviving scientist crew. Monsters will set up ambushes, attack in unexpected moments and enjoy the advantage of seeing in the dark!

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